Legal Procedures


Corporate meetings, procedures, training seminars and depositions take place across the country, many times a day. Gotham Arts HD has travelled across the United States to video projects of all sizes.

All of our High Definition equipment is ready to fly wherever we are needed, and on a moments notice.


Our professional and discreet staff members are familiar with many kinds of proceedings and our state of the art video and sound equipment allow us great flexibility under a wide variety of settings, making sure we capture the highest quality video and sound.


  • 5″ TFT/LCD 800×480 super high resolution screen

  • HD/SD-SDI Connecitvity

  • 24 PSF support with 24/60i 3:2 Pulldown removal on capture

  • SDI Play Out or Loop-Though: connect to an external broadcast monitor or director’s monitor and record and playback on set

The revolutionary Atomos Samurai is a portable touchscreen Professional 10bit HD Recorder, Monitor, & Playback device that captures pristine video and audio direct from any camera with HD/SD-SDI. It encodes in real-time to the visually-lossless Apple ProRes format, onto low-cost, removable 2 ½ inch hard disks.

An all in one and a portable, high quality deck & monitor allowing us to record from live switches in HD quality.

The Samurai builds on the already impressive HDMI based Ninja to bring a host of new production weapons aimed at at any situation where HD/SD-SDI cameras are required.